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We'd like to thank you for booking your customers with Scenic & Emerald Cruises.

Welcome to River Rewards & More...

The more river cruises, tours or ocean cruises you book, the higher the rewards,
with the chance of earning bonus points for going above-and-beyond.

Earn anything from designer fragrances to complimentary cruises, the sky really is the limit!

Each quarter, bank as many points as you can from booking our two great brands and at the end
of each period redeem them against a collection of luxury rewards.  Collect as many points as you
can in three months, then exchange them in the first fortnight of the next quarter.

Scenic logo white.png


Scenic and Emerald Cruises offer a complete ‘One-Stop Shop’ offering two complementary brands designed to make selling river cruising plain sailing.


Scenic is Europe and Southeast Asia’s all-inclusive, luxury river cruise line. Space and luxury combine on board a Scenic Space-Ship, where unrivalled fine-dining, complimentary beverages and daily, award-winning experiences are included in the price.


An Emerald Cruises river cruise combines comfort and innovation on-board our state-of-the-art Star-Ships. Our award-winning promise of Exceptional EmeraldVALUE ensures everything guests need is included in the price, from expertly-crafted menus, to exclusive EmeraldPLUS and EmeraldACTIVE excursions introducing them to the heart of culture.


Earn 100 points per booking

Scenic Eclipse Logo_Tagline_Gold.png


Luxury ocean cruising with Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yachts™, and Emerald Azzurra, our brand new superyacht.


Inspired by the sleek contours of a sailing yacht and specially designed using state-of-the-art technology, Scenic Eclipse will take your customers to the world’s most remote and beautiful destinations in truly all-inclusive luxury.


Emerald Cruises’ first ocean cruising yacht, Emerald Azzurra promises to exceed all yacht cruising expectations. Guests will explore fascinating ports and harbours around the world that only smaller yachts can reach.


Earn 200 points per booking

Scenic logo white.png



Your customers will join Scenic for a luxury escorted tour through some of the world's most esteemed destinations, and experience the ultimate in global exploration and discovery. As specialists in Escorted Touring, we offer itineraries to Australia, New Zealand, The Americas and the Far East. Our

fully-inclusive philosophy ensures that everything guests could possible need is included in the price they pay.

Earn 150 points per booking



Click on the stars to see what's on offer at each points level

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□ 長押しON / OFF

ボタンの長押しで ON / OFF ができます。 長押し時間を約1秒と短く設定しており、ストレスフリーで操作が行えます。

□ モードメモリー

電源OFF時に、最後に使用した機能を記憶します。 例:点滅でOFFにした場合、次に電源を入れた際に点滅になります。

□ Gセンサーによるブレーキランプ機能

ブレーキングのGを感知して、ライト面の両橋にあるCOB(ライト)が強く発光します。 Gセンサーは、点灯 / 点滅 / 点滅2 / オート の全てに作動します。 ※Gセンサーは構造上、傾斜のある場所を走行するとライトが発光する場合があります。

□ オートモード

明暗センサー+振動センサーにより、日中のトンネルや夜間走行時にライトが自動で点灯します。オートモードを使用することでデイライドでのバッテリー消費を節約することができます。 □オートで点灯したライトは、以下の条件下になると約60秒後に消灯します。 ・トンネルから出るなど、周囲が明るくなった場合 ・BL600MUが振動を感知しなくなった場合

□ Gセンサーセッティング

BL600MUの取り付け角度に合わせてセンサーを調整することができます。 □設定方法:自転車にBL600MUを取り付け、電源をOFFの状態でボタンを約8秒間長押し。中央のLEDが点灯(モードメモリーにより、最後に使ったモード) 上下のCOBが発光し、その後全てのライトが消灯してセッティング完了です。 ※初回使用時または、ライトの取り付け位置(角度)を変えた場合のみ設定が必要です。

□ バッテリーインディケーター(電池残量確認)


□ 定電圧フラッシュ


*Please note, where a higher tax bracket is entered into, you’ll be responsible for declaring anything earned over this threshold.

For full terms & conditions please click here