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We'd like to thank you for booking your customers with Scenic & Emerald Cruises.

Welcome to River Rewards & More...

The more river cruises, tours or ocean cruises you book, the higher the rewards,
with the chance of earning bonus points for going above-and-beyond.

Earn anything from designer fragrances to complimentary cruises, the sky really is the limit!

Each quarter, bank as many points as you can from booking our two great brands and at the end
of each period redeem them against a collection of luxury rewards.  Collect as many points as you
can in three months, then exchange them in the first fortnight of the next quarter.

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Scenic and Emerald Cruises offer a complete ‘One-Stop Shop’ offering two complementary brands designed to make selling river cruising plain sailing.


Scenic is Europe and South East Asia’s truly all-inclusive, luxury river cruise line. Space and luxury combine on board a Scenic Space-Ship, where unrivalled fine-dining, complimentary beverages and daily, award-winning experiences are included in the price.


An award winning Emerald Cruises river cruise combines comfort and innovation on-board our state-of-the-art Star-Ships.

 Everything guests need is included in the price, from expertly-crafted menus, to exclusive EmeraldPLUS and EmeraldACTIVE excursions introducing them to the heart of culture.


Earn 100 points per booking

Scenic Eclipse Logo_Tagline_Gold.png


Luxury ocean cruising with Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yachts™, and Emerald Azzurra and Sakara our brand new luxury yachts.


Inspired by the sleek contours of a sailing yacht and specially designed using state-of-the-art technology, Scenic Eclipse and Scenic Eclipse II will take your customers to the world’s most remote and beautiful destinations in truly all-inclusive luxury.


Emerald Cruises’ brand new luxury yachts, Emerald Azzurra  and Sakara promise to exceed all yacht cruising expectations. Guests will explore fascinating ports and harbours around the world that only smaller yachts can reach.


Earn 200 points per booking

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Your customers will join Scenic for a luxury escorted tour through some of the world's most esteemed destinations, and experience the ultimate in global exploration and discovery. As specialists in Escorted Touring, we offer itineraries to Australia, New Zealand, The Americas and the Far East. Our

fully-inclusive philosophy ensures that everything guests could possible need is included in the price they pay.

Earn 150 points per booking



Click on the stars to see what's on offer at each points level

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  • Who do I contact if my question’s not been answered here?
    Contact agency sales on either 0161 233 1988 or
  • How do we find out about double points on selected cruises?
    Sign up to our River Rewards mailing list, or click here for bonus offers.
  • What other ways can points be earned?
    Points can be earned from making standard bookings - 100 points for a river cruise booking / 150 points for a touring booking / 200 points for an ocean booking. Selected cruises will have double points allocated for bookings made - we will provide information on when and where double points are allocated. Additionally there will be bonus points added for going above and beyond - these points will be distributed by our sales team across the country, and will be awarded for going above and beyond e.g. training, window displays, social activity.
  • Can we use our points to redeem more than one gift?
    Yes! Choose smaller gifts from various categories, or use your points towards one of a choice of fabulous top tier prizes.
  • When can we redeem our prizes?
    Build up all the points you can in the three month quarter, your prizes can be redeemed in the first two weeks of the following quarter. Your first quarter will run Jan – March, your second April – June, your third July – September and your fourth October – December.
  • Is tax included?
    We’ve covered basic tax and NI meaning you can relax and enjoy your prizes*.
  • What happens if you forget to claim in the correct claiming period?
    Your points will not be completely gone as you can transfer maximum of 50 points to the next quarter.
  • How many points have I earned?
    For every booking you make, you will earn: Scenic or Emerald Cruises River Cruise – 100 points Europe and Southeast Asia Scenic or Emerald Cruises touring – 150 points Australia & New Zealand, The Far East & The Americas Scenic Ocean – 200 points Emerald Cruises Ocean – 200 points
  • How long will it take for me to receive my gifts?
    You can expect your gifts within 8 weeks from making your claim.
  • My prize needs to be a certain size / colour, how do I choose?"
    When allocating a prize that varies in size / colour, we will contact you asking for all details concerning the prize you wish to redeem.
  • Can we bank our points from one quarter into another?
    When entering a new quarter, up to 50 points from the previous quarter can be banked and carried across.
  • I’ve never sold Scenic or Emerald Cruises before – how do I start?
    Our fabulous sales team are more than happy to do in store training to get you up-to-speed on both brilliant brands. Their details are as follows; William Young Sales Manager North Region Tel No: 07921830147 Email: ​ ​ Lewis Quigley Sales Manager Central Region Tel No: 07935714318 Email: ​ ​ Danny Joel Sales Manager South Region Tel No: 07525913949 Email: Want something a little less formal? Drop agency sales a line on or call us on 0161 233 1988.

*Please note, where a higher tax bracket is entered into, you’ll be responsible for declaring anything earned over this threshold.

For full terms & conditions please click here

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